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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The word might seem kind of technical term this problem can be found on less people. ASMR actually means tingling, euphoric sensation produced by certain sound and visual elements. Tinnitus also comes under ASMR, so, if you are suffering from it and your sleep is getting disturbed, look below the selected headphones for ASMR that can help you for sleep.

1. AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless Headphone – $99.95

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones is the first option for you if you are willing to buy a headphone for ASMR.

The SleepPhones may not have a sound as your wish but the headphone is comfortable enough that lets you to put it on bed. Besides, the headphone has been made free from tangling wires which makes easy to wear. Further, the manufacturers say that this headphone shall help you to fall in sleep faster.

Moreover, the SleepPhones has been powered with rechargeable battery that allows you to listen to your playlist for continuous 13 hours. Further, the headphone can be used by anyone, but is specially designed for people who are suffering from tinnitus.

2. Shure SE215-K Earphone – $99.00

If you have got habit of using normal in ear earphone, the Shure SE215-K is a wise option for you.

The earphone has been featured with detachable cable which lets you to keep your earpiece and cable separate. Besides, the earphone has been provided with soft ear cushions that provide comfort to your ears so that you can use it for longer period of time.

Moreover, the earphone has been provided with sound isolation technology that blocks background noise so that you can listen to high end sound and forget about tinnitus. Also, the earphone is light weighted which that lets you to your playlist without hurting your ears.

3. CB3 Hush Headphone – $89.99

If style means a lot to you along with sound quality, the CB3 Hush over ear headphone can come under consideration list.

The CB3 Hush has been made out of plastic, yet looks stylish and is stronger. The headband has been provided with soft cushion that provides long term comfort to your head, and the ear cups are provided with leather ear pads that prevent your ears from being hurt.

Talking about sound, the CB3 Hush is featured with high end 40 mm drivers that deliver crystal clear sound that eliminates your tinnitus for a while. Also, the drivers produce excellent bass that lets you to listen to every beat of the song. Besides, the speaker is furnished with noise cancellation technology that keeps external noise outside the headphone.

Furthermore, the headphone comes up with latest Bluetooth technology which ensures the connectivity with all smartphones. Also, the headphone can be connected to other devices such as desktops, mp3 players, etc. through an aux cable.

4. Grado SR60e Over Ear Headphone – $79.00

Priced $79, the Grado SR60e is another best choice for the persons who are suffering from ASMR.

Talking about the build quality, the Grado SR60e has been made out of metal and the headband has completely been covered with leather which prevents your head from being hurt and the ear cups are furnished with foams which deliver comfort to your ears that makes it usable for a long time.

Moving towards sound quality, the Grado SR60e has been equipped with high end drivers that deliver crystal clear sound. Besides, the open back system helps headphone to produce 3D sound which doesn’t make you feel suffering from tinnitus.

Moreover, the Grado SR60e can be connected to any devices through a wire.

5. ACOTOP Sleep Headphone – $19.80

The ACOTOP Sleep headphone can be a perfect alternate for the persons who don’t want to disturb their sleep because of light, or for those who travel in long distance flight. The headphone comes up with built-in speakers and eye cap, which works as both typical eye-cap and headphone.

The ACOTOP Sleep headphone has been featured with ergonomically curved designed and adjustable eye mask which doesn’t gives much pressure to brow ridge and nose ridge. Further, the silk-like interior gives smooth and cool touch to your face.

Coming towards sound, the ACOTOP Sleep headphone has been equipped with HD audio drivers that deliver good sound quality. However, the headphone may not provide you the experience of listening to high end sound.

Moreover, the ACOTOP Sleep headphone possesses no touch design that lets you to connect one end of 3.5 mm aux cable to it and other end in the device. Besides, the headphone is compatible with all sorts of devices.

6. Sleepace Sleep Headphone – $13.98

Available at just $13.98, the Sleepace Sleep Headphone is another sleeping headphone that can come under your consideration. The headphone has been designed as an eye mask that lets you to have sound sleep.

Besides, the Sleepace Sleep headphone features curved designed eye mask which don’t hurt nose and the brows ridges. Further, the soft interior provides smooth feeling to your skins whenever you put it on.

Moreover, the Sleepace Sleep delivers acceptable sound quality which helps you to enjoy your music when you go to sleep.

The thing that makes this headphone attractive is auto-music stop system. The headphone can be connected to Sleepace App which lets it to detect your sleep and automatically pause the music when you wake up.

Moreover, the Sleepace Sleep Headphone also allows you to set an alarm and wakes up you when you’re in a light sleep.