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Every people have habit of listening to music no matter what they are doing. There are many gadgets like wireless speakers or wireless headphones that let you to listen music by connecting it to you smartphones. However, they cannot be easily connected to your PCs, Mac, etc.

So, many people choose to use USB speakers over wireless speakers or headphone so that it can easily be connected to your laptops, desktops, Macs. In this post, we have listed out some budget-oriented USB speakers for your computers that can also be used with your mobile phones.

1. Creative Inspire T10 Multimedia Speaker – $55.53

The Creative Inspire T10 comes first in the list because this speaker is the wisest one if you are willing to spend more money.

The Inspire T10 has been built with polycarbonate materials which makes the headphone durable that makes it last longer. The speaker also possesses thin body which consumes less place of your table. The elegant body design and the little black piano gloss on the front make the speaker look more attractive.

Moving towards sound quality, the Inspire T10 has been equipped with high end drivers the deliver immersive stereo sound. Besides, the speaker also acquires stereo tweeters that produce clear mids and highs. Further, the speaker features BasXPort technology that produces powerful and vibrant bass which is less found in cheap speakers

2. Logitech Z323 Speaker System with Subwoofer – $49.49

If you want a speaker that has low budget compared to Creative Inspire T10, but has more equipment, then the Logitech Z323 is a perfect option for you.

The Logitech Z323 is built with plastic, yet the speaker is stronger that can last for years. Further, the speaker features shiny gloss panel which makes it look classy and attractive.

Moreover, the Logitech Z323 is equipped with top line drivers that come with 30W power deliver big and loud sound. Besides, the speaker possesses extra sub-woofer that comes up with down-faced drivers that deliver deep and rich bass. The speaker also feels your room with music that lets you to enjoy every song you listen.

3. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 (CA-3602FFP) Speaker System – $39.99

Priced $40, the Cyber Acoustics (CA-3602FFP) is a worthy speaker that you can ever buy.

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP features plastic-bodied speakers, whereas, the subwoofer has been made out of wood. The speakers too possess glossy paint which makes it look attractive and gives and elegant look.

Moving towards sound quality, the CA-3602FFP possesses 2 stereo drivers at each speaker which produces crystal clear sound. The subwoofer too acquires 5.25” Power Pro series side-firing driver that delivers rich bass which fills your room with music.

Furthermore, the CA-3602FFP features control pod which contains on/off switch, volume controller, bass volume, headphone output jack and aux input port.

4. Elegiant USB Powered Sound Bar – $30.99

Are you searching for a cheap sound bar for your laptops, desktops or mobile phones? Then the Elegiant USB powered sound bar will be a good option for you.

The Elegiant USB has been built with a polycarbonate body, however, the sound bar can last for years. The sound bar features the identical body design of other sound bars which make it stylish and stunning. The sound bar also acquires one knob that allows you to turn it on and control the volume.

Talking about sound, the Elegiant USB has packed with top line drivers that let you listen immersive sound through it. The sound bar is specially designed for PCs, so its power of sound is 6W which is suitable for computer power.

5. GoGroove Sona Verse O2i – $29.99

The GoGroove Sona Verse O2i is another budget oriented speaker that can be a perfect option for those who are looking for cheap but good appearance speakers.

The GoGroove Sona Verse, just like other speakers in this list, is made up of plastic. However, the speaker features LED lighting in the front white casing which makes the speaker much more attractive and stylish. The speaker also possesses small body design which consumes little place of your desks.

Moving towards sound quality, the GoGroove Sona Verse is equipped with 2 x 7W drivers in both houses which deliver immersive sound. Besides, the speaker possesses dual passive subwoofers that produce rich bass. The speaker is also produces frequency response of 120Hz to 20 KHz which lets you to listen to clear mid and deep lows.

6. Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker – $27.99

If you are looking for a speaker that has unique body design, then you must buy the Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker.

The Satechi Dual Sonic is made out of high end metal brushed which makes the speaker strong and durable. The speaker also possesses cone-shaped body which makes it unique and much stylish compared to other speakers mentioned in the list. Further, the speaker features blue LED light which makes it look attractive.

Coming towards sound, the Sonic comes up with high end drivers that deliver good sound. The speaker further, features acoustic air spring technology that delivers increased dynamic bass, clear mids and deep highs.

7. Logitech Z200 Speaker – $22.99

Available in $23, the Logitech Z200 is a budget-oriented multimedia speaker that can be a good option for you.

Logitech has manufactured the Z200 with polycarbonate body which makes the speaker stronger and durable. Further, the matte finish on the speaker makes it look stunning and appealing.

Moreover, the Logitech Z200 possesses dual 2.5” drivers that produce 10 watts powered sound which lets you to listen to clear stereo sound. The tone adjusting knob also lets you to adjust the music as per your wish.

The Logitech Z200, besides, lets you to connect to multiple devices via 3.5 mm audio cable and auxiliary port.

8. Logitech S150 Multimedia Speaker – $20.73

The Logitech S150 is the low budget speaker made for the persons who don’t want to spend more money on gadgets.

The Logitech S150 features a plastic body which can last for years. The body design of the speaker is, however, good and looks elegant.

The Logitech S150, besides, has been featured with good drivers that deliver stereo sound. The speaker also produces frequency response of 90 Hz – 20 KHz that lets you to hear clear and crisp sound.